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My preferred pronouns are Wiggy, Whim-wham, and Wozzle.

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worst pain imaginable

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The 26 Pokeballs that you should know

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bitches ain’t even 5’5” demandin a 6’3” nigga like “pick someone your own size” ain’t a thing

Im 5’2” and my ex is 6’4” step off

your ex already did


"Reposting images that aren't yours without credit is stealing."

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Yeah, except no that’s not stealing. It’d be stealing if they said it was theirs, or if they were making money off of it somehow without the author’s permission. 

Add a watermark directly onto every image if you’re that concerned about being credited. Outside of that credits eventually get lost. 

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sorry for the long post, i just felt it was necessary to highlight the immature and very unprofessional response to myself, eikkibunny and ecchihiro asking jlist facebook page and tumblr ( to remove unsourced cosplay photos of eikkibunny.

not only were they not sourced, they had incredibly hurtful comments on it such as calling mY kitty “it” and “a man because broad shoulders”, and people seemed to feel the need to say things like “not feeling this cosplay” and “too blonde. change the hair color and ill decide then.”

not only were the photos posted without riannas permission, they were unsourced and the company also left hurtful and disgusting comments on the photo. other photos on their page are littered with “rape train” comments and filthy slurs.

please reconsider supporting an outrageous company such as this, as it is very clear by these photos just how immature and disgusting they really are.

These people are really immature and got really upset at me for asking them to delete photos of someone who obviously didn’t want their photos posted uncredited and then acted like they were doing them a favor. J-list is obviously run by 5 year olds.

I’d get upset at too if you messaged me and accused me of “stealing” photos when I merely posted them on tumblr/facebook.

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a character who is canonically male but misinterpreted as trans


a character who is canonically trans but misinterpreted as male


Isn’t Grell just an extraordinarily flamboyant and eccentric crossdresser?

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